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Raw materials: Testing by sample before, during and after unloading raw materials from the truck, and only the qualified is to be received.

Formula: In accordance with customers’ requirements, and confirmed by the formula personnel, quality personnel and laboratory personnel.

Mixing materials: Automatically mixed by the PLC, inspected once every two hours by quality personnel.

Kneading: Kneaded for 25 minutes without pitch, and another 45 minutes with pitch.

Forming: Testing and monitoring the process of forming by quality personnel. Cutting one block each shift to check the internal structure. Only the qualified is to be baked.

Baking: Using natural gas and automatic temperature control system. After baked, quality personnel will check if there is oxidation, crack, or deformation. Every block is tested by sample, and only the qualified is to be machined.

Graphitizing: Have own power plant and automatic control currents system. Every block is tested by sample, and only the qualified is to be machined.

Machining: Measuring all sizes of first 10 blocks for every cross section, and then machining in batch after all sizes according with tolerance request.

Packing: Measuring sizes and checking appearance one by one, and only the qualified is to be packaged.

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